An Introduction to the Internet of Things

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Couv-UL-IoTThe concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is no longer the stuff of science fiction but an essential part of the reality of our everyday lives. Today, there are more than 13 billion interconnected digital and electronic devices in operation globally, the equivalent of nearly 2 devices for every human on earth.

Although the most common examples of the IoT consist of so-called “smart home” devices such as programmable thermostats and remote controlled appliances, the largest share of future growth of the IoT is likely to come from applications of the technology in virtually every sector of the economy, from commercial and industrial environments to healthcare and public safety.

In this UL white paper, we’ll provide readers with a general introduction to the technologies and standards that are expected to support the continued widespread deployment of the IoT. Beginning with an overview of current and future IoT applications, the paper will then discuss the specific technologies that make the IoT possible, and provide details on current standards development activities in progress. The white paper will conclude with a preview of the future standards and regulatory landscape.


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