The end of money

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Couv-End-of-Moneypar Adam Rothstein
The story of bicoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution

Murder for hire. Drug trafficking. Embezzlement. Money laundering.

These might sound like plot lines of a thriller, but they are true stories from the short history of cryptocurrencies - digital currencies conceived by computer hackers and cryptographers that represent a completely new sort of financial transaction that could soon become mainstream.

The most famous - or infamous - cryptocurrency is bitcoin. But look beyond its tarnished reputation and something much shinier emerges. The technology that underlies bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - the blockchain - is hailed as the greatest advancement since the invention of the internet. It is now moving away from being the backbone for a digital currency and making inroads into other core concepts of society: identity, ownership and even the rule of law.

The End of Money is an introduction to this transformative new technology that has governments, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking people from all walks of life sitting up and taking notice.

New Scientist Instant Expert, 2017, 228 pages, ISBN : 978-1-473-62953-0