Turning the page on Active & Intelligent Packaging

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cover-Smart-Packaging-N1Le premier numéro de Smart Packaging est sorti. Sponsorisé par l’industrie, il est édité par l’AIPIA et BXP et disponible en ligne et sur papier.

AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association and BXP, Brand Experience Magazine have published a new magazine Smart Packaging – a state of the industry report – which is now available both on line and in a printed version. The publication reaches out to C-level management at Brands to help them evaluate the smart packaging revolution and how it can add value to their Brand.

Partner in the new magazine is Deloitte, which has recently completed an in-depth report on the value chain benefits of smart packaging Contributors are Evigence Sensors, which explains how seriously food waste impacts on the retailers’ bottom line – and how this can be avoided; as well as Pack-Smart explaining how innovative packaging design combined with disruptive Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies need not lead to disruption of existing automation processes.

Other articles include a ‘Toolbox’ of Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies, to help those quite new to them understand what features are available and some existing applications; while Digimarc explains how smart barcodes can be a boon to the plastics recycling sector; and Zappar show how Augmented Reality brought ‘life’ to a campaign for localized mega retailer 7-Eleven.

Rounding off is an in-depth interview with AIPIA’s communications director Andrew Manly, a 40 year veteran of the packaging sector, who offers a strategic vision of where Active & Intelligent Packaging has come from and where it is likely to go in the near future.

“This is our first venture into the printed word on this scale,” explains AIPIA managing director Eef de Ferrante. “We are sure Smart Packaging is a valuable contribution to the whole discussion about Active & Intelligent Packaging and offers real insights which Brands can ‘get their teeth into’ and better appreciate the value of these technologies.”

“We would like to thank particularly, Deloitte, Systech, Certilogo,  Kaleidoscope, All4Labels and Smartrac for supporting this first edition. AIPIA looks forward to building on this success and increasing the profile of Active & Intelligent Packaging even more. We hope our members will join us to bring the issue to C-level Management at Brands via social media, and other means, to make the special report, in particular, go viral, and advance the whole industry together,” he added.

To read the magazine on-line follow this link: