Gold nanoparticles for anti-counterfeiting measures

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World Gold Council (WGC) has published "Gold for Good: Gold and nanotechnology in the age of innovation", a research paper detailing new scientific and technological innovations using gold. The report demonstrates how gold nanoparticles offer the potential to overcome many of the serious issues facing mankind over the coming decades.

Gold nanoparticles exhibit a variety of unique properties which, when harnessed and manipulated effectively, lead to materials whose uses are both far-ranging in their potential and cost effective. This report explores the many different applications that are being developed across the fields of health, environment and technology.

For example, gold is being developed for conductive nanoparticle inks for plastic electronics because of its material compatibility, inherent durability and proven track record of reliability.

Swiss company Metalor has recently launched a range of gold nanoparticles for pigment applications. Although the cost of the precious metal will likely make these niche products, they do display Virtually unlimited stability against UV exposure, good thermal stability and high colouring strength. Most interestingly, because they can be ‘tuned’ to have a unique optical signature, they have potential applications in security inks for anti-counterfeiting measures.

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