Sennheiser Implements Anti-Counterfeit Technologies in its Consumer Products and Packaging

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German audio specialist Sennheiser announced the deployment of identification technologies in its consumer products, designed to protect consumers against fake product and illegal counterfeiting activities

CR82-SennheiserThe manufacturer's packaging and products will now carry a new authenticity label, the tesa® PrioSpot. The first Sennheiser products featuring this innovative packaging will arrive on store shelves by the end of this year.

« These security labels offer an incomparable level of protection against counterfeit for our customers by using visible and hidden security features, » said Volker Bartels, president of corporate services and spokesperson for Sennheiser's executive management board. « The new security labels offer a clear benefit to customers in terms of transparency, as well as being quick and straightforward. » By utilizing the new label features, consumers, retailers and also customs agents can confirm the authenticity of a product within seconds.

Each label is unique and has special features – both visible and invisible. For example, the tesa® PrioSpot shows up in different colors under direct light. Additionally, the last digit of the security code is repeated in an enlarged format. By using the code on the security label, customers can quickly and easily check online whether the product is a Sennheiser original or not. Authentication can be carried out at any stage of the purchasing process, regardless of whether the product has already been bought or is still in the store.

All that is required to verify a genuine Sennheiser product is a visit to the website, where a user simply enters the ID number printed on the security label. By doing so, a user can compare the security features and code on the product itself to those displayed on the website, and then immediately receive a declaration of authenticity.