Atlantic Zeiser responds to smaller batch sizes for coding and printing pharmaceutical packaging

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Wherever frequently changing information needs to be printed on packaging or products,  industry hopes solutions cost-efficient coding and labeling of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Complex and capital-intensive packaging lines, when operated cost-efficiently, are a key factor of competitiveness. It is essential to accelerate changeovers from one product to another and minimize idle times. When complex, time-consuming conversions are needed to prepare a machine for the next job, valuable productive time is wasted. A large-scale packaging line is therefore primarily measured in terms of its versatility and flexibility.

The Late-Stage Customization (LSC®) solution from Atlantic Zeiser results of the integration of the OMEGA 210 DoD UV inkjet printer, in combination with the right SMARTCURE UV-LED dryers, in existing production lines to allow variable coding and marking at the latest possible stage in the production process. This technology is particularly advantageous when it comes to small batches.

Case study: MediSeal GmbH

MediSeal GmbH, based in Schloss Holte, Germany, the well-known manufacturer of packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products, is an example of how LSC® allows all the necessary codes and data to be printed in the final stage of production.

« Our requirement resulted from the trend towards smaller batches, » explains Stephan Plewa, managing director of MediSeal GmbH. « When bestsellers lose their patent protection, ever more specific medications are developed, often for a much smaller category of patients. » This means that large production runs no longer consist of a single variant. Instead, production lines need to be frequently changed over to new products, formats or country specifications. This in turn results in more machine idle time and inevitably lower production efficiency. To increase productivity again, it is essential to optimize these changeover processes.