Marvell Introduces New Trusted Authentication Element for Connected Device and Consumable

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Marvell is completing silicon solutions from storage to Internet of Things (IoT), cloud infrastructure, digital entertainment, in-home content delivery and Kinoma® software enabling the "Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle — today announced a new solution for trusted product authentication and consumables management, the 88PA810 Trusted Authentication IC.

Designed for use in systems that require secure product authentication and usage tracking, the 88PA810 provides a proven and trusted offering to prevent counterfeit attacks. The product integrates state-of-the-art technologies to ensure customer product quality, longevity, and safety while protecting a customer's brand, reputation, and revenue.

Counterfeit solutions, such as poorly crafted ink and toner cartridges or dangerous batteries, present very real problems for both producers and consumers. The 88PA810 will also provide an IoT smart device protection against external attacks that threaten these vulnerable cloud-connected devices.

Based on more than five years of collaboration with Cryptography Research, Inc., now Rambus Cryptography Research Division, Marvell's second-generation IC integrates the CryptoFirewall™ security solution, in addition to leading-edge anti-tampering and anti-reverse engineering technologies.

"In today's increasingly connected world, products such as IoT smart devices, mobile phones, medical devices, printers, and automotive components rely on advanced security mechanisms to verify system integrity. Superior security must be maintained also for products that allow component upgrades, after-market accessories or replaceable consumable items," said Mark Montierth, Vice President and General Manager, Marvell Printer and Customer Solutions Business Unit.

Marvell's 88PA810 security chip features advanced anti-tampering alarms and extensive circuit obfuscations with active metal mesh coverings, internal clocks and regulators, and other security features to prevent attackers from tampering or using physical attack methods to disrupt or copy the chip or its related consumer product.

The IC protects against numerous attack threats and encrypts off-chip data communications. The 88PA810 includes secure product authentication services using a unique hardware ID, a secure usage metering count-down counter that cannot be reset, and 3KB of one-time programmable (OTP) memory for OEMs to record product information and manufacturing metadata. Using a traditional inter-integrated circuit (I²C) interface, the 88PA810 connects with a host controller to run authentication and product management services.

The 88PA810 also protects the entire supply chain through a multi-stage provisioning solution to eliminate potential risks from rogue elements. The IC product will be available to OEMs directly and from a secure programming service and distribution channel.