EUIPO : The Observatory is holding its annual plenary meeting on 28th and 29th September

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Representatives from the Member States of the European Union, the European Commission services and the European Parliament as well as representatives from the private sector, civil society and international organisations are meeting in European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO in Alicante (Spain)) to participate at the annual the statutory stakeholder’s event.

The Advisory Board members will also meet the day before with the EUIPO’s Executive Director team in order to review the latest activities.

The plenary meeting is the opportunity to present and discuss the ongoing work of the Observatory. It is also a chance for the Observatory stakeholders to agree on future activities and deliverables. For information, the budget of the Office for 2015 was adopted in November 2014 and amounted to 384.2 million euros (398 M€ en 2016), of which about 4 million euros to support the Observatory.

Participants will be able to share their views and experience in discussion panels:

  • One is focus on enforcement and the various projects that have been launched to help enforcers, such as the Europol IP Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC3), prosecutor-related training courses or a compilation of case law judgments ;
  • A panel is also focus on the digital world and the conclusions extracted from the IP Youth Scoreboard published this year, which gave the Observatory indications as to how to focus its work in this area, some examples being the creation of a multilingual pan-European portal to legal offers (agorateka – The European online content portal) and a FAQ on copyright guide, or the preparation of a public domain study, a study on piracy and malware or a report on voluntary collaboration practices ;
  • Another is focus on public awareness for different audiences such as school children, SMEs and more specifically among youngsters as a result of the mentioned IP Youth Scoreboard and the subsequent Youth workshop that was organised in June, where 60 youngsters from 28 Member States met to discuss the results of this study and Ideas Powered initiative. Some of the youngsters who attended the workshop will also be present in order to share their views.

Specific attention will also be given to the Observatory work programme for 2017 and the review of the progress made during the last year.