Apple adds support for NFC tags

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On June 5th, Apple announced that it has added new core functions to support NFC tag reading on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as part of iOS 11.

Patrick Eischen, CEO of Selinko, quotes : “This move from Apple is something we have anticipated for quite some time. NFC is a secure and intuitive technology that is fast becoming the standard for payments. It will become the standard for product authentication as well. More importantly, it means that marketeers have a tool capable of addressing 95% of their customer base in a cost-effective way. They can engage with them through a personalized and exclusive experience involving their products directly”.

iOS 11 was unveiled on June 5 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, is now available in beta and is due to roll out to consumers in the fall. The addition of support for NFC tag reading for Apple Watch devices was revealed during the opening keynote at the event using an example of an Apple Watch being used to connect with gym equipment.

Selinko has been working on projects with brands for more than 5 years and has developed a know-how to bring anti-counterfeiting, track and trace and consumer engagement solutions based on NFC technology. Selinko’s secure and versatile Object Relationship Management (ORM©) platform is capable of handling millions of objects with various NFC tags and chips of multiple security levels and functionalities. <