WISeKey Integrates Artificial Intelligence Algorithm from Swiss Startup Business Investigation

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WISeKey announced today that in cooperation with Business Investigation, a Swiss algorithm based system solution startup, has implemented a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system, called WISeKey Artificial Intelligence (WISeAI), which uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor Cybersecurity and Digital Identities for people and objects.

The machine learning tool is designed to examine how humans and objects use their computers, mobiles and digital identities when they connect to the Internet, thus protecting users against ransomware, sophisticated malware and the like.

The WISeAI algorithms will be able to detect abnormalities by interpreting the flow of information collected by the sensors secured by WISeKey’s Secure Element being strongly authenticated as provisioned by WISeKey Root of Trust (RoT). WISeKey’s clients will be able to anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks based on the predictive analysis enabled by WISeAI through the integration of Business Investigation algorithms called Global Performance System (GPS).  GPS is an artificial intelligence-based solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms to optimize performance and risk management. <